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Traditional Basic Leadwork Craft Course

Many heritage properties have lead roofs. This is due to its incredible durability and lasts up to 3 times longer than man made products. 

Lead is still used in most properties today i.e.; stepped and soaker flashings, creating a waterproof seal between your roof and abutments and to line valleys and box gutters.

It’s still used today as it is easy to stretch around tricky corners and edges, and it expands and contracts with the weather, which is very useful with our unpredictable weather.
At McAdam Roofing Ltd. We are keen for our employees to continue with their professional development as much as they can. 

Daniel and Paul attended a 4 day ‘Traditional Basic Leadwork Craft’ course hosted by The Lead Sheet Association in which they perfected their skills on working with lead. It included a variety of welding methods and bossing lead sheet into internal and external corners to form sumps and back gutters ready for installing on site.

Both thoroughly enjoyed the course and are eager to put their skills to good use. If you have any lead work that needs repairing, replacing or reinstating then don’t hesitate to contact us.

Leadwork craft course

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